Photo of Kamloops skyline: Kent Simmonds, 2021

May 2022

I nicked the hashtag #IamCanCon from Friends (formerly Friends of Canadian Broadcasting), the nation’s most articulate advocate of the idea that our cultural traditions and future should continue to be reflected in our popular media.

In English Canada, Québec and among Indigenous peoples we treasure that which is Home, but also define ourselves by the Away that threatens to overwhelm who we are.

MediaPolicy.ca was established on the belief that cultural sovereignty in our popular media is essential to our national characters, our diverse polities, and above all our peaceable and robust democracy.

We cannot expect (or want) that Canada’s popular culture will remain blissfully unaltered by the hyper-commercialized world of global digital media.

Here are a few MediaPolicy.ca posts that focus on Canadian media content:

Rethinking Canadian Content in a Post C-11 World

Will Bill C-11 Save Canadian Content?

Canada’s Cultural Apocalypse: A Review of “The Tangled Garden.”

And here is a deeper dive into a discussion of how we might to a better job defining Canadian content for the purpose of funding, creating and promoting it, written by George Carothers of Friends.