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December 26, 2021

Brad Shaw’s ker-ching moment. The Globe and Mail’s David Milstead reports that Brad Shaw’s CEO pay packet doubled this year to $12 million (the average compensation for CEO of a TSX company is $7.65 million). If the Rogers-Shaw merger is approved, the son of company founder J.R. Shaw will oversee a $26 billion sale to the Rogers family. He also boasts one of Canada’s top corporate pensions at $134 million.

The Conservative Party shadow Minister for Digital Government Rachael Harder Thomas will no doubt have something to say about the federal government’s Online Harms Bill when it is tabled some time in 2022. She made the news last week by spreading misinformation about Covid vaccines, a second occurrence in her case.

The lobby organization Open Media was written up in Le Devoir but not in a good way (an English translation can be downloaded below). Ulysse Bergeron reports that the organization known for its sensationalist fundraising appeals in opposing regulation of the Internet is heavily funded by impacted tech companies Google, Twitter and Canadian ISP provider Tek Savvy. Open Media was harshly critical of the CRTC decision on Internet wholesale rates that retailer Tek Savvy pays . Open Media’s Board of Directors is chaired by Dylan Blanchard, until recently a senior executive at the Toronto-based Internet giant Shopify. The Board includes a second Shopify executive and a former employee at Tek Savvy.

In US Congress federal aid to journalism was on the cusp of success when it fell along with the rest of the Democrats’ $1.75 trillion Build Back Better omnibus legislation. Centrist Democratic Senator Joe Manchen (W.Va.) appeared on Fox News to announce his firmly decided opposition to the Bill, ending lengthy negotiations to pass the legislation.

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Howard Law

I am retired staff of Unifor, the union representing 300,000 Canadians in twenty different sectors of the economy, including 10,000 journalists and media workers. As the former Director of the Media Sector and as an unapologetic cultural nationalist, I have an abiding passion for public policy in Canadian media.

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